Car Cosmetic Repairs

Car Scratch and Dent Repair

At MSR in Bradford, we have a great team who can handle all types of minor – cosmetic repairs for you.

Ensuring your car looks its best
Anyone who has a car likes to have it look its very best and in the event of an accident maybe brushing past a concrete post when your reversing or someone scratching its paintwork can leave your car looking less than ideal.

The good news is, at MSR we have a specialist who can handle and repair and all cosmetic damage bought on by cracks in the paintwork, bumper scuff marks to scratches and dents and all with the minimum of fuss giving your vehicle a showroom finish once again.

At your service for minor cosmetic repairs
– 25 years experience
– Keen prices
– Complete range of services for the motorist
– Latest equipment
– At your service

Call us today on 01274 911367 and speak to one of our friendly team.

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